Will’s Devolved

When: 05/26/16

QIC: DefCon2, Nacho Libre (Co-Q)

PAX (): NoSeeUm, Swiper, Crack, Cookie, HotSauce, BigSouth, NachoLibre, DefCon2, DoSiDo, HickoryStick, LawDog, Mercury, Boomer, Foghorn

The workout started out upright and ended up on the ground as the PAX toured the nearly the entire length of Will’s Park (think monkey to human evolution picture backwards).

Mosey to Big Flag Circle for warmup. 15 SSH, 15 CP, 15 IWs, 15 Something else.
Mosey towards the community center with Crack asking for directions, pulling ahead and going the other way around the track. Line up on The WALL. 15 seconds each of BtW, ChairmanMao, Right leg up, Left leg up. Rinse and repeat for 4 total sets. Butt kicks to track.
Mosey to the East Concession stand for a bit of competition to see would be the Co-Q of the day. BtW until exhaustion with Q dropping first and DoSiDo and NachoLibre holding out over a minute. NachoLibre was the victor and earned the right of Co-Q.
Mosey to the planter boxes. 20 Count Step Ups, 20 Co-Q count Derkins, 20 SUs, 10 Co-Q Derkins, 20 SUs, 6 Co-Q Derkins.
Mosey to hill by Field of Dreams for a little group therapy. Plank at bottom, Sprint up hill, 2 merkins, plank at bottom and wait for the six to plank, Rinse and repeat 6 times (Mercury showed great wisdom in staying standing a few times for rest).
Slowsey to the Flag. Staying in plank the PAX turned 90degrees left and started a Plank Indian Run to the flag on the concrete path. Last man in line sprinted to front and resumed the plank followed by each PAX. This cycle lasted about 3 times with exercises throughout the duration in no particular order, PeterParkers, Merkins, Scorpians, Supermans, Hands/Feet up, etc.
Upon reaching the Flag (on our bellies) there was time for 6 minutes of Merry. FMs, LBCs, American Hammers, ME#1, and Co-Q Nacho leading Merkins until exhaustion.

Boomer’s FIL in surgery. Lots of folks traveling over weekend. Grits work.

Memorial Day Beatdown on Monday. Meet downtown Alpharetta at 6:30AM for a beatdown, followed by COT at the Memorial behind City Hall and Coffeeteria at the new place.

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