Record number for Hoppy Like

When: 05/27/16

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Defcon 2, The Dab, Mercury, Bronco

5 PAX brought the humidity with them this morning.

YHC:  So how far are we running?  (the remainder of this conversation’s accuracy is questionable)
DC2:  How far do you want to run?
Mercury:  Can we run more than 3 and a half?
The Dab: Can we run more than that?
Bronco:  Can we keep it under six?

And with 5 questions, no answers, no set mileage the pax were off into the gloom.

After a quick turn onto HWY 9 the run almost ended as DC2 tripped and fell on the sidewalk.  Per my watch, his trip lasted about 0.03 miles at a 9:03 pace.

Right on Cumming Street.  A mile in, more questions on where are we going but one thing was answered, the downhill portion of the run was over.  Audible to Henderson, back to HWY 9, Right on canton (don’t blink), left on Hopewell, which turns into Canton toward downtown.  Turnaround, go back north on canton, to old canton, some wedding dress shopping, then back to the VSF (Virtual Shovel Flag).

Good run this morning. 4 even miles, 8:48 pace

Great communication between the PAX on pushing one another.


The Route:


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