Miyago + Flo + Miyagi = Worn out PAX

When: 05/25/16

QIC: Flo and Miyagi

PAX (): The Dab, Boomer, Sunshine, Simba, Wind Talker, Spurrier (Raleigh), and Tightrope (Starsky).

8 PAX strong for the Workout and 1 Starksy for 2nd F Coffeeteria.  Good times had by all!  As always, it is an honor to encourage and be encouraged by you!

The Thang….

Tag to Miaygi…

Quick Mosey around the parking  lot and circled up for warm-ups:


SSH: x20

Cotton Pickers: x20

Merkins: 15

**waiting for late arrivals, Simba joined just in time!

Tag to flo…

Mosey to the “Chapel Hill”- see what I did there…

2 sets each exercise (45 seconds each on QIC’s watch)-AMRAP- Altogether at Location A, Pax can choose to do second set at location B or C.  All mosey back to A for the next exercise until each exercise has been completed twice.

Reverse lunge to air chair (alternating)

Dive Bomber merkins

High Knee Burpees (8 high knees + burpee)

Accordion Merkins

Fire feet Burpees (8 taps + burpee)

Crane Split Squats(left)

Crane Split Squats(right)

Mountain Climbers

Side Straddle Hops

Mosey Back to flag for some Merry- “Hey Boomer…Do you know why I love being Q?”  Before Boomer can answer, QIC gets a head start on the all-in sprint while yelling, “This is why!”.  Even with the head start QIC almost loses to Wind Talker.  That dude can scoot.

Tag to Miyagi…


35 LBCs

30 Flutters

10 Ninja Merkins

Mosey to the end of the parking lot and ended with Sally- Squats and Air Chair on the ups and downs.


Glad to have Spurrier in town even though it was due to unfortunate circumstances.  Big prayers up for them and come back any time.  We continued to pray for Boomer’s FIL and that the infection would move on.  Praise to God for the good report on Dab’s 2.0 Sam.  God is good.


2nd F event tomorrow night in downtown Alpharetta 5:30 start time.  Bring the families out for some fellowship, food truck grub, and libations. A little mumble chatter about the possibility of replicating in Cumming during Coffeeteria.  What says you south forsyth rubicon faithful?  You game?  TClaps to Miyagi on the great half Q!

Got word from “the Bear” that he showed up ready to post 24 hours too early and decided not to wait around!  See you Monday Bear.

See you when I see you!!!


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