From Billy Zane to Colonel

When: 05/21/16

QIC: Mercury, King Crack

PAX (): Miller Time, FNG- Lumbergh, FNG- Colonel, Hickory Stick, No-See-Um, GRITS, Boomer, Swiper, Mercury, Animal, Mufasa, Flo, Crack

A beautiful morning for a beatdown. Not sure what the weather conditions were, but be assured that the weather was there. 12 solid began at the Rubicon this AM, including the ever-persistent Mufasa! It would not be long until a 13th joined up, but more on that later. We also got a little VQ action along our first taste of what Mercury has in store when he is the Q. Boooooooomer set his watch for 10 minute alarms. When the alarm hits, everyone will stop in place for 10 burpees. On to to the thang:

The faithful traversed to the Old Milton HS for some fun at the stadium stopping along way for warm-ups led by the man, the myth, the legend, MERCURY. All warm-ups in cadence: imperial walker, merkin, side straddle hop, and windmills.

GRITS was the first to the stadium by a long shot. He must be tired of you guys picking on him, because he blazed his way there. Those things are possible when you stop drinking at 4 like he did yesterday. He even had to do some SOLO exercising because no one else was even close. Once to said stadium, YHC takes over just in time for the first set of burpees.

Partner up. One partner runs the stadium steps while the other runs a lap. Converge and knock out partner derkins, 15 each man. Swap and repeato. Rinse and repeat. Somewhere in there, 10 more burpees when the alarm rings.

4 corners with 10 merkins, bear crawl, 20 CCDs shuffle left, 30 squats, crawl bear, 40 LBCs, shuffle right. Next set with 10 burpees as the alarm rings, run, 20 DDCs, bear crawl left, 30 squats, nur, 40 LBCs, bear crawl right.

Indian run back the flag. When each man hits the front, the PAX stop while he leads a cadenced exercise. There were some monkey humpers, SSHs, dying cockroaches, copperhead squats, toe touches, lunges, and more. It was during this, that Mercury called out diamond merkins and led what seemed to be 236 of them. And somewhere in there, the alarm buzzed and 10 burpees were had by all.

It was also during this indian run where we were joined by a 13th. There had already been 3 SCs at the stadium not wanting to join, a runner along Milton Ave not interested in turning off his walkman, and now a runner on Old Milton. As is normal, he was invited to stop and join… which he did! And he finished the workout, got a name and even put in a prayer request. That my friends, is what you refer to as a success Billy Zane. And now, welcome to F3 Colonel!

So now Colonel is one of the PAX, we finish with some wide arm merkins, the alarm rings for 10 fun burpees, and 13 strong mosey back to the flag. Everyone except Flo who showed his dead sprinting skills as he must think he can beat Usain Bolt… which may actually be true.

Crack starts 6 MOM, followed by Mercury, and then Animal. Animal, BTW, calls cadence as sweet as  a sparrow calls his lady sparrow. And he claims he only knows how to drum…

Lastly, end on 10-20 burpees and an alarm


  • Prayers for Mufasa’s friends experiencing the pain of a stillbirth
  • Our brothers from The Hooch involved in Camp All American and may the make lasting impact for so many this summer
  • And our newest brother, Colonel, who has just moved here from Kenya on 4/15/16 finally able to join his wife and 3 children. May he settle in, meet friends, find work, and enjoy his new home!


  • Very impressive first post today from our other FNG, Lumbergh. It may not be the best name, but that guy will thank me after all of his avatar and meme options are revealed. Prayers to him for his big activities on Monday. P.S. Lumbergh is fast!
  • Mercury and Animal are ready to take over. They have this F3 thing figured out. You guys should sign up for your own Q’s now:
  • Mufasa is a stud. Can barely walk, shows anyways, sets the pace through the stadium, runs on his hands back to the flag
  • 7 at coffeeteria including a rare and appreciated appearance by Boomer
  • No-See-Um got permission for at least one more Rubicon beatdown encouraged by Miller Time
  • Welcome back to Hickory Stick. When you post as often as him, you get a “welcome back” for missing one workout. He is once again nice and healthy, too!

Crack’s WNTY: Giselle (who’s known to run races in a speedo)

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