Pre-Blast: Rubicon Saturday 5/21

When: 05/20/16

QIC: Crack & maybe a VQ

PAX (): No one from The Hooch unless they have the gusto to prove me wrong, DC2 and Boomer because they're solid like that, probably Cookie, I bet Swiper and Flo show, if No-See-Um can get a pass he will be there, a few of the newest FNGs probably want to find out if YHC can talk as much as usual while he Q's. Be sure to warn Nacho "not-to-sho" after his birthday celebration, GRITS, it may be too much running for Mufasa, Darth ignores us anyways, and all of the guys from The Hooch.

We have had a great number of new PAX joining F3Alpha recently. It has been excellent to meet these former sad clowns as you transition to a HIM. I would also like to introduce those individuals to a pre-blast. This PB can also serve as a great reason not to post tomorrow. Look at these options:

  1. This is a beatdown my frail little body (or knee) is just not yet prepared for, or
  2. This isn’t even close to a beatdown. Why waste my time? I will just power walk in the neighborhood with my M instead, or
  3. Cantore is a-comin!, or
  4. Even if Cantore stays home, his mark will still be left in on the Rubicon from today. Either way, I prefer the fartsack, or
  5. I only work out at The Hooch and I plan to keep it that way, or
  6. Momma told me to stay away from Crack. Now I understand what she means.

See! So many options, and nobody is even going to frown upon you. Just pick one and stay home. But if you find yourself tough enough to wake up on “sleep-in” Saturday, you may just happen to find another man or two just like yourself, ready to take on the day unlike the majority of other men out there in the world.  If that is you, here is what we may do:

We will take a mosey either to the old MHS football field, or to the equine arena. Decisions will be based on PAX, weather, or availability of the arena. (This is the season for arena occupancy, so the stadium is the highly likely destination in case you are late.) We may even have a VQ session! Bring your favorite exercise and plan at some point to do an Indian Run where new man in front stops to lead a cadenced exercise.  Bring a partner for partner plank merkins. We will either do some 11’s or 4 corners depending on the location. Expect to run at least 2.5 miles. Expect some lots of stairs.

Crack’s WNTY: Assless Chaps

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