0.0 Part Deux

When: 05/18/16

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Peachy, The Dab, Boomer, Sunshine, Crack, Cheddar, and Flo

7 PAX strong for a beautiful morning focusing on sweating as much as possible without covering much distance.  Mission completed on both fronts!

Honored to be with you men this morning.  High fives all around!

The Thang….

Quick Mosey around the parking  lot and circled up for warm-ups:


SSH: x15

Cotton Mills x15

Cotton Pickers: x15

**waiting for late arrivals, Cheddar joined just in time!

Mosey to the back lot for 14 different exercise stations of HIIT training.  Each PAX started at their own station  for 45 seconds of exercise doing AMRAP switching to the next station when they heard the bell ring.  2.75 rounds of Burp/Merks, Squat/Curl/Presses, Peter Parker/Parker Peters, Walk through lunges left, Walk through lunges right, speedskaters, frog hop merkins, Gorilla Squats, lat to front raises, break dancers, crab dips, Carolina Dry Docks, star jumps, and crunchy frogs.  Lots of mumble chatter keeping spirits high and it was quite educational too as Crack lectured about the indigenous tribes of Venezuela and how they use bullet ants to inflict pain on each other.  Good times!

This was all set to the smooth stylings of QICs playlist.  Which has been retooled since the last time he broke it out at which point he shared a playlist with his bride.  The PAX seemed more pleased with an overall more manly selection of songs except for that one which somehow remained on the re-tooled playlist post re-tooling.  The PAX bantered regarding the artist of such song and it would appear we were all wrong regarding song and artist.  The song in question was actually “Titanium” by David Guetta (feat Sia).  I know the PAX will rest easy tonight now this debate is settled!

Back to flag for some Mary:

IN CADENCE via Flo, Crack, Sunshine, and Cheddar

15 Gas Pumpers

15 J-Los

15 I can’t remember- I was too concerned about the growing ant population around me based on the Bullet Ant convo King Crack started (see above).

15 Leg lifts to Dollies


Big prayers up to an infinitely bigger God.  May we all be on mission serving others well and being salt and light to a world around us.  Boomers FIL still in Houston still recovering.  We prayed that pneumonia will not set in at this point and that the fluid would leave his lungs without more invasive removal measures.  Strength and calm hearts for the family in general.

QIC- shared his takeaway from the 3rd F event with Movers n’ Shakers.  While leaving, I was thanking John D. for allowing my 2.0 to participate and he told me, “If you don’t teach that little girl to love and serve others, then no one else will.  This world sure won’t”.  Amen to that!

See you when I see you!!!



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