Six Degrees of Jim Bob DUGGAR…..

When: 5.14.16

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (): Mufasa, Boomer, Cookie, Grits, Wurlitzer, No-See-Um, Duggar (FNG), Miller Time (FNG), Johnny Utah (FNG)

YHC is moving out of Roswell in less than two weeks and wanted to be the Q at the Rubicon one more time……….it was a great start to a Saturday.  Three FNG’s showed up with one being a good friend/neighbor of YHC who has been EH’d for quite awhile now.  All it took was Grits putting the ultimate pressure on him over a few cocktails the night before to get him out!  Thanks Grits!


Here’s what went down.



Imperial Walkers x 15

Side Straddle Hops x 15

Windmills x 15

Merkins x 15


Mosey to the wall for some……

Balls To The Wall (thank goodness there was no Nacho in attendance to show everyone up, but our FNG (Johnny Utah) was pushing for top dog in the first round!

Then some Donkey Kicks x 20 and Monkey Humpers x 20.

Rinse & Repeat!


Mosey to the Field of Dreams for one lap of an Indian Run and then…….

The DEATH RUN (modified Merkin Ladder)……..this is what YHC did for four years on every Monday in the fall during his illustrious high school football career!

-Sprint 100 yards (give or take….foul pole to foul pole) and then perform 21 (slow 3-count Merkins) (IC)

-Sprint back another 100 yards and then 18 3-count Merkins (IC)

-The Pax did this all the way down by 3’s with sprints in between (15, 12, 9, 6, 3, 1…in case any of you didn’t pass Math 101……..the last one was for good measure!).

Mosey to home plate and partnered up:

Round 1:

-15 Burpees at Home

-Bear Crawl to 1B

-Flutters x 20

-Partner Carry from 1B to 3B…..switch and Partner Carry back to 1B

-Lunges to 2B

-LBC’s x 20

-Lunges to 3B

-American Hammers x 20

-Crab Walk to Home (Forwards or Backwards…….your choice)

10 Count and then Round 2:

-10 Burpees at Home

-Bear Crawl to 1B

-Flutters x 20

-Wheelbarrow walk to 2B and then switch partners and Wheelbarrow walk back.

-Lunges to 2B

-LBC’s x 20

-Lunges to 3B

-American Hammers x 20

-Crab Walk to Home.


Mosey to Rock Pile:

-Curls x 20

-Genuines x 20

-Overhead Presses x 20

-Genuines x 15

-Skull Crushers x 20

-Genuines x 10


Mosey back to Flag for some Mary in no particular order with help from the all the PAX (except the FNG’s):

-Dying Cock Roaches

-Big Boy Sit-Ups

-American Hammers


-Freddie Mercury’s

-Reverse LBC’s


-Plank Shoulder Taps??


F3 is an unbelievable movement that is really spreading fast across the nation and so thankful to be a part of it over the last 11+ months (another props to Grits for getting me out here!).  The Rubicon is a great AO and with even greater men working out at it.  Thanks for the friendships and I hope to be a part of the expansion in Tampa in the coming months!



-Continued prayers and praise for Boomer’s father-in-law with his recovery.

-Great to see Crack, Do-Si-Do and Law Dog before the workout heading off for the 3rd F event.  Prayers for their work and the families they will touch!

-Prayers for YHC that he is able to make it through the last 2 weeks (before the move) as his wife drives the entire family to the brink of insanity.

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