Come on down!

When: 05/13/16

QIC: AJ Ghent

PAX (): Mercury, Def Con II, King Crack

‘Twas the enticing chant from the AJ Ghent Band last night during The Taste of Alpharetta. He spoke to my heart saying, “Crack {ahem} King Crack, won’t you come on down to Alpharetta and make this town your oyster? You can enjoy my music all of the days!” And he was right, his music is jam-up. Check out their schedule and go catch a show.  Apparently DC II and Mercury both heard the sweet invite as well, as they were there.

DC2: you guys want to do 8 today?

Mercury: (crickets)

King Crack: Ummmm… NO

So onward we went down the comfortable route of Mid-Broadwell to Charlotte to Rucker back home… 5.5 miles in the end. We still don’t have a mileage clocker, but the speed checking device on Old Milton locked us in at 16.22 MPH. Do the math from there.


  • Mufasa is still alive!  Either that or someone hacked his tweeter account and twitts just as positively is the papa lion himself
  • Mercury’s body is not yet convinced that more than 4.8 miles is possible. In another few weeks, I am not so sure I want to attempt to keep up with his pace.
  • DC2 likes to wave at cars. In fact, he likes it so much that waves to them from within the same lane of the road they are traveling on.  He must understand how difficult it is to see runners whilst driving in the gloom because he gets CLOSE. I am pretty sure he can touch their cars as they come by.
  • Good news via the Watercooler from Boomer this AM. Pops-in-law’s surgery went right nice.
  • Big day of service tomorrow as 7 PAX, one 2.0, and 1 M will be volunteering with Movers and Shakers. Come on out… the more the merrier!

Worser name than yours

  • We boys of F3Alpha seem to disconnected from the Mothership when it comes to our names. There is some thought that maybe we should like our name and be proud of it, you know, something to write home about. This falls too closely to the “everybody gets a trophy” idea so prevalent in our society, which is unfortunately not promoted similarly by our fore-brothers. For the outsiders out there, do know that our FNGs are very accepting of their names; its the valiance of the other PAX that want him to have a cool name. So YHC will now feature a “worser (I know) name than yours” snippet with each BB. The cool thing about this is that if you don’t like these snippets, just make sure I don’t Q and therefore cannot write a BB! In doing so, maybe we will recognize that our crappy names are probably not that bad.  Case and point, be on the lookout for this guy when posting in Charlotte – Metro: Teaser Pony (you may need to look that one up)

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