Merkin Madness!

When: 5/12/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Crack, Nacho, Hotsauce, Cookie (sp?), Boomer, Flo, Law Dog, DoSiDo, Animal, Mercury, Cashew, D'Berry, Big South, DefCon2, Foghorn

We hit the road right at 5:30 for a Merkin Mile. We did attempt one stop on the first corner for a little warmup, attempting to be considerate of the houses lining the street. The first house is a gaudy mansion not well-suited for the area, inhabited by Crack’s least favorite people in the world.. Tried some SSH… then… someone just about lost their behind to their 6 foot dog! Mosey!!

The Thang:
Merkin Mile around the usual route, stopping at the American Legion for a Merkin challenge around the chopper.. I believe our newly named and renamed D’Berry won that one? Nacho, I’ve no doubt you’ll get ’em next time.

Mosey to FOD for pole to pole sprints.

Hold Air Chair at each pole until the six is in, then follow with an exercise..

LBC x 15,  Dolly x 15, Flutter x 15, High Flutter x 15

Mosey to the rock pile, grab a partner and a smedium rock. Mosey to field next to parking lot. DORA, while partner sprints to far pole and back..

Curls x 100, Skull Crushers x 100, Rock Merkins x 100… those hurt plenty.

Take the rock back to its home, and head to the flag!

5MOM: Dolly, Rosalita, Dying Cockroach, LBC, Slow Merkin

BOM: Prayers for Boomers Dad and Mother in Law.. give them strength! Prayers for Crack and Law Dog’s church friend. Praise for YHC’s upcoming baptism and reinvigoration through Christ! Life is good!

Moleskin: Back to back large groups of men (16), and great showing in general last few weeks.. Brought forth a motion on a name change for Dingle/D’Berry. After some deliberation on F3 rules/guidelines on names and changes, the PAX agreed on a change to D’Berry (as in Dingle Berry of course.. still an unsavory idea, but obscure enough to be shouted across an office)

Shout out to Animal, Mercury, Cashew, Big South, and now D’Berry for sticking with it, along with the veterans that continue to set the bar on leadership, strength, and humility each and every week. We are weak men, but commit ourselves to acknowledging those weaknesses, and striving to overcome.

I think we’re due for a virgin Q.. Mercury? Animal?

Where are you 45? Darth Visor? Trojan? List goes on… but the PAX does not forget.

NoSeeUm, hope all is well with prepping for the move! It sure ain’t easy as many know..

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