Now do you hate Cinco de Mayo?

When: 05/06/16

QIC: the Barefoot Bandit

PAX (): Mercury, Def Con II, Crack

And unfortunately, I don’t have some cool joke to begin with. Hopefully Hickory is willing to share some of his comedy routine with me so that my next BB is fun to read. Though since this is a run, there is no real cool stuff to write about anyways.  Just the facts: 3 PAX, 4.8 miles, practically the HRR course, but instead of turning on off Canton to Mayfield back to 9, we continued to up to Vaughn and then back through the aforementioned course.  The goal was 5 miles, but our calculators are solar powered and our skills are weak, thus we came up short.


  • T-Claps to Mercury for testing out the Hoppy-Like workout. He warned us that he would not be talking during our run as breathing would be difficult. Then, after 2+ miles of talking, he said “Its easy to talk with you guys…” real nice compliment, right? “… because my last run was much faster than this one.” Oh. I am betting he will be back.
  • DC2 is really pushing and promoting this run, but beware; he is recruiting guys to run for 2 hours straight in the coming future. Says its good for endurance. That sounds terrible. Count me out.
  • Personally, I was recently reminded of Proverbs 27. Great chapter. Verse 6 has always stood out to me and I hope I will always have to deal with friendly wounds.  Not only will that show me that I have true friends, but what better way to become a more influential person than to improve.
  • Don’t forget to get signed up for the Volunteer opportunity next Saturday.  Details: and sign-up:

Ta-ta, Crack!

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