I hate Cinco de Mayo

When: 05/05/2016

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Do Si Do, Big South (FNG), Foghorn, Nacho Libre, Padre, Boomer, Flo, Pappy (F3 The Fort), Mercury, Crack, Swiper, Cookie, Defcon 2

….said no Juan ever!

Nice morning, under 50 and quite breezy. 5:30 and a few seconds Crack tells the pax not to wait on him as he rolls into the parking field and the PAX got moving.

YHC took us the parking area behind wacky world. Disclaimer given due to an FNG.

Short mosey to the parking field just south of there (the one with the painful pavement) to the far eastern side.
Minor modification to Mucho Chesto
2 of each Merkin, wide arm merkin, diamond, stagger left, stager right
Run to first island and back
4 of each…
Run to second island and back
6 of each..
third island
8 of each…
fourth island
10 of each
(Bonus for Mercury and Padre heading to the fifth island)

Mosey to the hill outside the FOD

After Tuesday it was clear more PAX needed experience with counting so changed up what we would typically do for 11s.
4 Count Mountain climbers at the bottom, 4 count freddy mercury’s at the top


Out to the actual FOD to home plate

14 pax today so to increase the cycles of Indian run the pax split into 2 groups.
1 round around standard, 1 round around weaving

Out to center field to introduce some of the newer guys to Jack Webb

Mosey outside the field for some more humility.

People’s chair on the wall, one by one PAX ran to the tree for 6 monkey humpers.

Sprint to the flag (great job by Cookie here)


Coffeteria of 2, YHC and Foghorn

Morning run tomorrow!

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