Triple Check

When: 05/03/16

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Law Dog, Mercury, 45, Mash, Fog Horn, Defcon 2, Hot Sauce, Hickory, Boomer, Peanut, Animal, Slater(FNG), Cashew(FNG), Padre(FNG), Cookie

16 showed up for a little ménage at the Rubicon. Obviously, in honor of Tres de Mayo. We had a little mumble chatter about partaking in the ménage with two other men (Law Dog), but we are an exclusive group and we don’t really let the females join in.

Mosey over to the upper parking lot for a quick disclaimer, 3 FNG’s!!!!, then the warm-up.

12 Side Straddle Hops
12 Windmills
12 Squats
12 Lunges
12 Merkins

The Thang

We moseyed back to the flag for THREE rounds of Triple Check. Teams of three. First man in a people’s chair, second man in front of him in plank, third man sprints 100 yards and back, rinse and repeat times three.

We stayed by the flag for a round of Ménage. Groups of three, first man 25 merkins, second and third plank, rotate through. Round two 25 plank jacks while the partners hold. Round three 25 diamond merkins while the partners hold.

Mosey over to the field of dreams. The Pax ran around the field three times, while doing 3 burpees at each corner. Next, we did three laps of Indian run with just enough time for one more round of Ménage.

The Pax headed back to the flag for a few rounds of Merry. Did a popcorn Merry and Hot Sauce struggled a bit calling his first exercise (Merkins).

Great having three FNG’s joining us today!


Prayers for our Community.

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