The most interesting man has not disappeared forever!

When: 04/30/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Grits, No-see-um, Mercury, Def Con II, Cooky, Flo, Swiper, Doh-Si-Doh,

Great pre-summer morning in the gloom as 8 PAX showed up to break an early sweat!  We were absent the presence of an assigned Q, so YHC took the reigns and here is what went down:

Warm up’s- all IC:


Long Slow Cotton pickers



The Thang:

Headed to the big field by the dog park for some BlackJack’s with Merkins and LBC’s.  That field seems a little safer with the sun coming up so that no PAX accidentally Merkin’ed into an ant hill or the remnants of a dog who had a “Hickory Stick” emergency on the way to the park!  Regardless, all showed well and Mercury continues his strong rookie month performance staying at the front of the pack.

From there, headed back towards the hill by the FOD, with a stop at the planter boxes for 2 rounds of dips and step up’s x 15, all IC.

When we got to the hill, we partnered up and alternated Partner Merkins (one partner planks, while other does Merkins with feet on planking partner’s back) and 2 handed leg throw downs.  Started at 10 each, run up the hill, 9 each, back down for 8, etc.

Rapid fire rock sets x40- curls, OHP, Skull Crusher’s

Round the horn Mary with each PAX calling an exercise.

-Prayers for the families of the Milton and Alpharetta girls that were killed in the Athens car crash earlier in the week

-Welcome back to Grits who rejoined the mumble chatter earlier in the week and answered the call to come back out.  The loss of facial hair not only propelled him from the fartsack, but kept him in good form throughout the workout as well!

-Prayers for healing of injuries for Mufasa and Darth Visor in hopes of their swift return as well

-New brewery just opened in DT Roswell- looking into possible 2nd F on 5/19, so mark your calendars!

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