A day of firsts

When: 04/12/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): FNG- Mercury, FNG- 45, FNG- Animal, Dr. Evil, Wahoo, Hickory Stick, Boomer, Foghorn, Law Dog, Cooky, Swiper, Def Con 2, Crack

In the astutely accurate words of Cookie/Cooky/Cooke: “There are a lot of firsts happening today.”  (And if he did not say it, then somebody did and he gets credit.) First things first, Nacho prepared his very first pre-blast last night.  Second things first, he didn’t show up!  He must have heard we had 3 FNGs at the Rubicon this AM. Have you ever seen 3 FNGs show, but not the guys that put on the EH?  Well that first happened just today when Peanut and Swag decided to fartsack instead of joining these new FNGs, all of which were encouraged to come out by those two. What was not first is that Dr. Evil posted with the Alpha boyz this AM and his presence is always enjoyed! So, with pre-blast in hand and no Q to be seen, YHC took the reigns and went to talking, which may also be a first.

The Thang:

  • After a brief mosey, we started a modified mucho chesto doing all of the 5 merkin styles (reg, diamond, wide, stag R, stag L) cadenced in sets of 20s breaking each with a little Mary action (dolly, rosie, LBC, flutter)
  • From there onto the Merkin Mile with regs, diamonds, and even some squats if modification was necessary. During the MM, we accomplished another first: a partial Billy Zane! The sad clown did join us, though decided to get to work after about a quarter mile.  Will he be back?  If DC2 was successful he will be!
  • No ascending testes for us, though balls to the wall did makes it’s appearance
  • Mosey toward the FoD stopping for two sets of dips and one set of derkins
  • Once at the FoD, 4 corners with 10 CCDs, 20 box cutters, 30 LBCRs, 40 squats. Rinse and repeat in reverse
  • Back to the SF for some Boomer-led Mary: long slow flutters, Freddie Mercs, and in true Nacho Mary style, tempo merkins!


  • Prayers for Zack Merrill that his fever goes down and his pain subsides
  • Prayers for Wahoo’s brother along with Wahoo’s positive influence on him


  • Speaking of Wahoo, how impressive his naming skills are! Is it a first that in a guy’s first post not as an FNG he drops such a solid name? Probably!  The name did not make it through the voting process, but solid none-the-less.
  • Welcome Mercury, 45, and Animal! 3 FNGs but not the guys that told them about F3 and they act like they’ve been here the whole time.  After watching Mercury hit merkins like they weren’t anything, I see why Nacho fartsacked! The PAX from The Hooch need to introduce 45 to their fannypack maker… Hopefully you found your wallet. And personally, I am counting on Animal to join me as a songstress in the gloom.  He may not have MY songstress qualifications, but F3 Idol is in his future.

F3versary Announcements:

  • Tomorrow 530am at The Hooch
  • Thursday 530am at Rubicon
  • Thursday 530pm 2nd F at Jekyll Brewery2855 Marconi Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30005
  • Friday 530am Hoppy-Like run from Mugs
  • Saturday 630am at Rubicon
  • Saturday 5pm 2nd F for the WHOLE FAMILY. March newsletter will be coming in the next 24 with map location and details

Seencha, Crack!

1 thought on “A day of firsts”

  1. As always, a pleasure to workout with the Alpha boys…and it would not have been the same if Crack didn’t sing during our dips, so thanks to whomever took over his cadence so he could serenade us. Welcome to the new guys! Animal, 45 and Mercury!


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