Spring Break Is Over!

When: 04/11/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Simba, The Dab, Peachy, Swiss, Miyagi, Boomer, Tightrope

Spring Break is over and 7 pax showed up for a painful reminder that it is a lot easier to get weaker than it is to get stronger. Here is what happened.

Warmup: IC

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

Mosey to the soccer field. Full length sprints down field and back. Plank and then a set of ATMs. That’s 15 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC, 10 Tempo merkins, and 10 fast merkins. Repeat.

We then lined up along the side of the field. Burpee broad jump across half the field then sprint to the end. 25 monkey humpers. Repeat back across the field. We then partnered up and wheelbarrowed across the width of the field and did 25 Carolina drydocks. Repeat again.

Indian run around the field for a recovery lap followed by another recovery lap doing a snake Indian run. Pax then lined up for a modified tunnel of love. Pax alternate between plank and low plank. Pax jump over and crawl under pax. Down length of the field.

We started a qucik dora but only got through 100 merkins before YHC called it off. YHC wanted the full 5 minutes for Mary. Mosey back and 5 MOM. LBCs, Dollys, Rosalitas, Freddy Mercurys, Dying Cockroaches, and Reverse LBCs.

COT and BOM.


  • Great to see Tightrope back out there again!
  • Foghorn’s attempt to run the table and attend every beatdown this week did not get far. WIsh you had made it today. We needed some midwife noises.
  • Quck post by Flo. Get better soon.
  • Prayers for Mother Goose and his boot camp experience. Thankful for his service.
  • Prayers also for Peachy’s grandparents and YHC’s in-laws.
  • 2nd F this Thursday at Jeykl Brewery at 5:30 and Saturday at Medlock Bridge. Come celebrate!

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