4/12 PreBlast Mucho Merkinos

When: 04/12/16

QIC: Nacho

PAX (): So far Foghorn is the only HC...

Pre Blast 4/12

Mucho Chesto as a warm-up??? Merkin mile, Abyss Merkin, and Ascending testicles.  That’s what the start is going to look like tomorrow morning in the rain.  
As the week of our first F3versiry are we going to have any attend all the workouts?  My money’s on Boomer( I did read the backblast already ) Foghorn where you at??? I know I won’t be able to make them all, just hope to make the happy hour.  BTW I did talk to Hot Sauce and he is planning on attending the happy hour (so currently it is still on) .  I know that had to bring some smiles to the Pax.

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