Trip to Space Mountain

When: 04/07/16

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): DC2, Crack, Peanut, Darth Visor, Swiper, Hot Sauce, Cooky, Law Dawg

It wouldn’t be “good form” to not do a backblast on my first Thursday q of the quarter.  I don’t want to go the way The Hooch is going or worse, Atlanta.

Thursday was a beautiful morning.  Air was perfect.  Pollen washed away overnight.  Great for running, so running we went.

Park opens at 5:30 but we didn’t go into the park.

Out of the parking lot and off to the helicopter pad for some warmup.

After that we continued up Wills Road to the intersection with Mid Broadwell, where Space Mountain is.  Of note, Space Mountain is better named than Brokeback Mountain.

From the top we did an Indian Run down.  At every rotation, drop and do 10 merkins.  At the bottom, 25 LBCs.  Back up the hill with every rotation, drop and do 10 merkins.  At the top, 25 LBCs.

Back down. At every rotation, 20 squats.  At the bottom, 25 LBCs.

Back up the hill was a little different, no stopping at the rotation.  Full on Indian Run climb.  25 LBCs at the top.

To get back to the park we did the back half of the Merkin Mile.  Nothing fancy, regular merkins at every turn, cross-street and speed hump.

6 MOM in the parking lot.


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