Run to that line, run back, run to that other line, run back

When: 04/09/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Swiper, DC2, Boomer, Cookie, FNG Wahoo, Foghorn, Crack

7 solid PAX attended the last beat down of spring break week.  Unfortunately ZERO The Hooch homies showed all week. I guess that fartsack is just too comfy sometimes, eh boys? Boomer returned from his spring break adventures telling stories of the CRBR.  Can you believe he ran half the race on his hands?  I can! Still missing my brü, Mufasa… but he is probably considering hamstring amputation in the near future.  Bad hammy, no hammy, I would still be playing catch-up. This was a solid week for DC2 and his strengthening EHs: he had his 2nd FNG of the week!

So today’s Thang had an exreesize theme: starting in one place, run to a line, run back to that starting place, run to another line a little farther past the first line, run back to the starting place, run to another line even past the second line, run back to start and continue in that manner a few more times. I will call it: “run a distance farther than the previous distance.”  I have submitted this brand new exreesize soon to be seen on F3s exicon page:

We stared with a set of “run a distance farther than the previous distance” as a warm-up consisting of a nice mosey including some traditional warm-up exreesizes: SSHs, IWs, cotton-mills

The Thang:

The first true set of “run a distance farther than the previous distance” started on the tennis courts and included merkins: 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25. The second set was along Old Milton and included increasing sets of squat jumps and consistent sets of LBCs. The third set was up and down Wills Dr with increasing burpees and consistent imperial squawkers. The final set was around field T-1, rock in hand with a combination of curls, shoulder presses, and skull crushers.  We finished out with some cadenced rock work and 3 minutes of community led Mary. COT


  • Welcome aforementioned FNG Wahoo who is probably glad none of the other naming options were selected
  • Congrats to Cooky, Cookie, Cooke or Cookee on closing the deal on a new home
  • Next week is the one year anniversary celebration week for F3 Alpha and I believe Foghorn has HC’d to ALL activities this week… GET ‘EM!
  • Hopefully everyone else can make at least a couple appearances at the various 1st F and 2nd F options this week. Swiper has the details on the 2nd F action if you are uninformed

Until then… Crack!

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