Spring Break with Johnny Cash and the PAX

When: 04/02/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Def Con II, Trojan, Cooky, Flo, Swiper, Gingivitis (F3 Clemson)

Awesome spring morning at the Rube as many PAX have started their Spring Break journeys, but 6 were in attendance to kick if off in fine form with a theme to honor the late, great, Man in Black.  Here’s what went down…



Long Slow CP’s

Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

Headed to the FOD and, In honor of the man in black, we started off with Black Jacks, combined Merkins and LBC’s that always add up to 21.  Lined up just outside the baseline from 1st to 2nd and did:

1 merkin, 20 LBC’s, sprint to the warning track

2 merkins, 19 LBC’s, sprint back….etc. all the way back to 20 merkins and 1 LBC

Next, we honored the classic JC hit, Walk the Line with a zombie walk around the outside perimeter of the FOD, indian run style with the Pax doing walking lunges and Frankensteins and last PAX sprinting to the front of the line

It wouldn’t be an appropriate JC tribute without the Bear’nin Ring of Fire, so the PAX circled the pitchers mound and Bear crawled around until the Q yelled stop and we went around the circle with each PAX doing 10 Carolina Dry Docks while the others planked, rinse and repeat x 3.

Johnny’s farewell hit was a song called “Hurt” from an album called “American IV: The Man Comes Around.”  In farewell tour fashion, we launched into a round of “Captain Thor’s” which consist of 1 big boy sit up followed by 4 American Hammers, then 2 BBSU’s followed by 8 American Hammers, etc. all the way up to 10:40.  This exercise was true to the song title for sure!

Rapid fire rock sets:  curls, OHP’s, skull crushers x 20 each, rinse and repeat

6MOM:  All IC x 15





Reverse LBC’s


  • Welcome Gingivitis from F3 Clemson!
  • Continued Prayers for LA and his family
  • Prayers for Nacho’s mission trip.  Someone warned about kidnappers early in the week, but most kidnappers don’t want to find themselves in a ranger choke hold, so I expect they will leave him alone!
  • Prayers for safe travel for all of the F3 families hitting the road for Spring Break!
  • Mark your calendars for 2nd F Events- 4/14, 5:30 at Jekyll Brewery for PAX and 4/16, 5:00 at Medlock Bridge Neighborhood Park for all F3 families

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