Because Crack wanted to run up to 7 miles

When: 03/31/16


PAX (): Law Dog, Nacho Libre, DC2, Foghorn, Darth Visor, Trojan, Boomer, Swiper, Flo, Cookie, Lightbulb, and Crack... wait he was not here.

On Tuesday, while preforming the perfect people’s chair, Crack said “Hey Law Dog, want to Q Thursday?” Law Dog said “sure.” Later the next day Boomer wanted to know how much we were going to run. Crack said “It should be 7 miles.” YHC was inspired and so began the Thang. {Editor’s note: Crack actually said “it should be less than 7 miles” but for the sake of authenticity, the Thang was transcribed as originally produced.}

Warm up run to the children of the corn where we did 31 Side straddle hops, 15 imperial walkers, 15 long slow cotton pickers and 10 squats.

Moseyed to the loop behind the rec center where we had a run fight at the OK Corral because the law does go around here. (Again you can thank Crack for the inspiration). {editor’s note: HAHAHA} It involved splitting into two groups where one group ran around the loop until they caught the second group who were moseying the lap. Once caught the second group ran around the loop until they caught the first group who where now moseying. Each group ran 2 laps chasing the other group. Not sure how far we ran, but it was a lot. We then moseyed to the parking lot behind the pool.

After the running, there is no better time than lunges and more running. Starting by the flag, we ran across the parking lot then lunge walked to the next lane of parking spots, ran backwards across the parking lot backward walking lunges at the end until we weaved all the way across the parking lot.

YHC was sad to hear we lost or blocks, so we grabbed some rocks form the rock pile and moseyed to the field in front of the park and partnered up. One partner ran to the light pole while the other preformed the following exercises with the rock: should presses, curls, and skull crushers. Total count of 200 per team, per exercise.

Once the rocks were returned, no time left for mary.


Prayers for the family of one particular Hooch PAX.
Upcoming week long extravaganza for the 1 year F3 Alpha anniversary.

Lots of fun being the Q and a great way to challenge yourself.

Adios… LAW Dog

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