THE PATH of pain and definite gain!

When: 03/30/16

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Boomer, Simba, Miyagi, The Dab, Sunshine, Swiss, and Tater Tot (Chapel Hill)

8 PAX strong on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  I loved hearing the encouragement out there today and we are all getting stronger for sure!  Miyagi is getting faster on his runs and his ending stretch game was strong.  I agree with Simba, I’m seriously scared when Miyagi steps in the Q’s shoes.  Sunshine was throwing those rocks around like nobody’s business.  Boomer was on my heels the whole time on follow the Q.  Simba was quick on the jump ups.  Swiss (like his name) is really good at everything!  The Dab is workhorse!  Just being around you guys made me better.  I loved having a brother in from Chapel Hill, because this F3 thing is bigger than just our tiny band of brothers and having visitors reminds me of that fact each time.

You are told to follow the ways of this world and it’s values, but by faith you are freed to lead.  We are different.

High fives all around!

The Thang….

Quick Mosey around the parking  lot and circled up for a round robin of warm-ups:


SSH: x15

Merkins: x10

Mountain Climbers: x15

Imperial Walkers: x15

  • Mosey to the rock bench that no one but us uses (Thanks Johns Creek Tax Dollars!)

Round 1- 10 Dips, 10 Irkins, and 10 jump ups…air chair for the 6

Round 2- 10 Dips, 10 Irkins, and 10 jump ups…air chair for the 6

Round 3- 10 Dips, 10 Irkins, and 10 jump ups…air chair for the 6

Mosey to the lighted path…THE PATH OF PROGRESS

  • Follow the Q…

PAX lined up single file for a trip down the path of progress.  Q called out and started a new exercise at the light poles, PAX followed the lead (hence the name).  We went for one or two light pole segments depending on the exercise- Bear Crawls, Duck Walks, Zombie walks, Crab Walks, Travelling Merkins, Knee Hugs (everyone needed a hug after the travelling Merkins), Walking lunges, Walking side lunges (right), and walking Side lunges left.  All the way to the Big wall where we did high knees until the six was in.

  • At the big wall we did three sets of 10 Donkey kicks, 10 Squats, and 10 Wall jumps.
  • Moseyed to the big rock pile where we did three rounds of 10 Goblet Squats, 10 Curl Presses, and 10 Bent over rows
  • Back to flag stopping halfway to collect the six and wait for the traffic light (arm circles while we waited).
  • Time was up, workout complete.

COT and Announcements:

  • Prayers up for little Sam (the Dab’s Son).  He will be undergoing some tests tomorrow regarding possible learning challenges he may face.  Prayers up for the meeting on Thursday @ PCBC to address the exponential increase in heroin use in our community.  This isn’t rich/poor problem, this is a problem of broken people looking for answers in places that won’t satisfy.  That is all of our story in one way or another.  May we have the strength to carry the light in dark places to set captives free.  Please invite people to join us at F3, this is part of your story now so share it with others freely.
  • We won’t meet next week due to spring break, but feel free to join up with the boys of the Rubicon (T and Th @ 5:30 and/or Sat @ 6:30).  Stay active because we will be hitting back hard following spring break.
  • 4/16 party @ Medlock Bridge Park- 5:30 for the Rubicon/Hooch faithful and ones that loves us (or at least put up with us)
  • Sign up for Twitter and follow @F3alpha  we have group chats and that is the best way to stay informed and connected.  It is also good for a couple of laughs throughout the day.

See you when I see you!!!


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