Simba’s VQ- Hilltop Doras

When: 03/28/16

QIC: Simba

PAX (): Simba, Sunshine, Miyagi, Flo, Crack, Boomer, Swiss Army knife, the Dab, Ratatouille (welcome back!) FNG= Slider

10 PAX came out of Easter with overflowing hearts, appreciation and energy. It’s a good thing too as today was all about the overcoming the hill.

Quick warm up to pick up any people that really didn’t want to leave the fartsack.


o    SSH

o    Imperial walkers

o    Cotton pickers

o    Squats

Mosey starts with a regular jog.

  • Mosey to hill

o    Plank for 6

o    Indian Run (complete 2 cycles)

o    Finish mosey at the top of the hill.

1/2 Dora Dora’s up the hill

One PAX member ran up a hill while the other started the exercise. Upon return the formerly known as running PAX picks up where they partner left off and cycle continues until numbers are reached.

  • 1st set

o    50- Burpees

o    100 – Merkins

o    150- LBC (crunches)

o    After complete plank for the 6

(swap partners)

  • 2nd set

o    50 – Spider man pushups

o    100 – Crunchy frog

o    150 – Squats

o    Had to cut a little early but all made it to the squats section.

The return mosey starts.

  • Lead off with high
  • Transition to butt kicks
  • Indian run (2 cycles)
  • Regular run
  • Air chair for 6
  • Finish mosey with oyo race to finish.

Boomer finished off the morning with the Mary

  • Rosalita.
  • Flutter kicks
  • Dolly’s


  • Lifting up a fellow Pax who is going through a hard time. (Has requested anonymity)
  • Swiss Army knife  is working through having a newborn and what it looks like to be a: father, husband, son and amazingly hard worker. Prayer for his as he continues working that out.
  • A new member, Slider, is looking for some part time work before he leaves for the big leagues in late April. Give him a shout if you have any leads.


  • Flo’s mom is doing better
  • Co-worker is back home from invasive cancer surgery.


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