Joy and sadness intermingled

When: 03/26/2016

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Crack, Grits, Swiper, Cooky, Swag, No-See-Um

Holy Saturday: the darkest day. ‘There in the ground His body lay. Light of the world by darkness slain.’ Feel it. Tomorrow will be sweeter!

This is what happened: The PAX gathered for a glorious Easter Saturday beatdown, wanting to get the best of the day. We are ready for the Resurrection!

Warm up:

  • Mozy to top area parking lot while waiting for Swiper. SSH and flutters.
  • Mozy some more to children of the cron for body builders.

The thang:

Mozy on to behind the community center and get on the wall. This was going to be the base from which we launched and returned to for Donkey Kicks.

  • 4 corners were established. This was the order, with a return to the wall for 10 donkey kicks after each item:
    • Corner 1 – 20 Merkins
    • Corner 2 – 30 Mountain Climbers (1 count for both legs)
    • Corner 3 – 40 Squats
    • Corner 4 – 50 LBCs
  • Next round had the donkey kicks replaced by burpees in the middle of the field.

Mozy on down stopping at the planter boxes.

  • 20 count dips
  • 15 count incline merkins
  • 10 count merkins
  • 5 count derkins

Mozy on to get some rocks and to the main parking lot hill and partner up.

  • 50 rockees (burpees with rock)
  • 100 curls
  • 150 goblet squats
  • 200 presses
  • out of time – have to get back for Mary.


  • Dollys
  • Freddie Mercury
  • American Hammers


  • What Easter means for each us and what we’re experiencing – we are blessed, and so grateful for what Jesus did for us.


  • First time for everything – Swiper was late and caught us as we mozied.
  • Our blocks had been taken, so Crack was appointed QM for selecting decent size rocks for everyone.
  • Nice to see No-See-Um back, we’re going to miss him when he moves away!
  • Swag solid today.
  • Cooky (yes, this is the original and correct spelling) likes to run.
  • YHC out with a pulled hamstring, good excuse not to run up the hill.
  • Main parking lot hill needs a name – any recommendations?
  • Coffeeteria – Grits, No-See-Um, Swiper and Mufasa

Community Service at North Fulton Community Charities:

the PAX – Foghorn, Crack, Swiper, Mufasa.

Thanks Foghorn for setting it up. “You guys rocked it!” – Quote from NFCC Volunteer Co-ordinator. Split into 2 teams, Swiper and Foghorn tested electronics, preparing them for the retail area, easily handling a few hundred items. Crack and Mufasa worked a large shelf area, organizing and clearing.


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