Good times had by ALL

When: 03/25/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Crack et al

I have heard rumor of an official F3 Alpha workout in the form of a Friday run.  I had run with some other PAX on a long ago Friday, but it was not official at that time.  I’ve been a little nervous about this run, because I just don’t like to run, specifically I don’t like to run long distances and do not run fast, but then again, if I never give it a good try, I may never like it.  And I have heard there are definite health benefits to a regular running routine.  I thought I would give it a try as that may be the only way to really find out about this run.  After all, backblasts for this thing are FEW and far between.

So I moseyed on over the meeting place and waited, but no one ever showed.  Fortunately, two of my split personalities didn’t fart sack on this morning, one of my alter egos is always nearby, and the part of me still searching for his own identity also showed.  So the 5 of us went out for our own fun…. and it wasn’t bad!  There were more folks on foot than I would have expected at that hour.  Two ladies probably thought I was a local predator when I came running out of the woods behind them.  I quickly swapped to the other side of the road just in case they had pepper spray.  When all was said and done, I probably went less than 7 miles, but my fancy mileage tracker’s battery was dead.  Maybe I will be back one day, but for the rest of you, the Hoppy-Like run DOES exist.


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