For those about to ROCK, we Salute you!

When: 03/23/16

QIC: Flo

PAX (): (in no particular order): Miyagi, The Dab, Simba, Boomer , Peachy, & Sunshine

7 PAX out getting stronger on this Holiest of Weeks, but where o’ where  is Weird Science, Ratatouille, Candyland, and Tightrope?  We miss you!

Quick warm-up lap to catch any late stragglers.  Enters Sunshine and Simba.


Squats x 20

Imperial Walkers x 16

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climbers x 20

Hillbillies 15

Zombie Kicks 10

The thang:

-Mosey over to semi-circular bench for Dips in wave formation.  Derkins and Irkins IC  (10 each).  Quiet Cadence.  We didn’t want to wake the folks in the retirement home.

-Took the newly lighted path to the big wall for donkey kicks(10), squats (10), and held the air chair for the six…rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat.

-Mosey to the rock pile for …

45 Second Intervals-5 second rest of various exercises- abs, arms, legs, we did it all.  Drop your rock and rotate at each exercise change so everyone got a turn with each rock.  About 20 minutes of HIIT total.

-Saw a minor fender bender

-Back to the flag for round robin of Merry…practicing our Cadences for the future QICs


Prayers up for L.A.’s family.  You guys don’t walk alone brother.

Prayers up for our significant others and how we lead

Prayers up for Mothergoose…thank you for your service.

2nd F Opportunities (Fellowship): The Rubicon will be celebrating one year on 4/16.  It will likely be an outdoor picnic family friendly type set up.  It will be at the Groomsbridge Clubhouse park area of Medlock Bridge @ 5pm.  Get it on your family calendar now.

See you in the gloom!


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