Fight like Zack

When: 03/24/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Mufasa (#RESPECT), Swiper, Def Con II, Boomer, Flo, Cookie, Nacho Libre, Foghorn, Hickory Stick, Crack

YHC was excited as always to lead the 10 finest men of F3 Alpha this morning.  Hopefully it was a worthwhile beatdown for any involved.  We did some things: 4 corners with rocks, a ‘merkin mile, even ran a total of 2.8 miles in all of the fun.

In the COT, prayers were had for a young man battling childhood cancer, the bombing victims in Brussels, and loved ones gone in ways that we just don’t understand.  Sometimes we ask God to give us things that are not all that necessary.  Other times we ask him to do things for us, when he has already given us all of the talent/health/intelligence/resources/etc to do these things ourselves under his watchful presence.  The ones like those above that have no control over their situation and are the ones that really need our prayers/efforts/encouragement/etc.  I have been fortunate enough to witness some people that really serve such people in a selfless way.  Those are the people that I most admire.  Those are the ones that motivate me to be a better self.  Many of those men I have the luxury of seeing regularly in the gloom.  For the rest of you … well never-mind.  Maybe you will catch on someday as I am sure God has already given you the resources to make the change yourself. #serve


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