Rubicon 3/24 PB

When: 03/24/16

QIC: Crack, that's who

PAX (): Alpharetta PAX #2, Alpharetta PAX #4, Alpharetta PAX #6, FNG #8, Weird dude #22, Traveler to our AO #93. Bruuuuuuu #1

Crack: Hey Guys!  I need to go home and write my preblast.

Unnamed Alpharetta PAX #1: That’s whack, Crack… I don’t even write BACKblasts, much less preblasts!

Unnamed Alpharetta PAX #2: Don’t listen to him Crack.  He is whack.  Just write the preblast like I do my backblast… in 144 characters or less!


Boy am I glad I didn’t learn from Atlanta!  So come on out tomorrow and if you:

  1. Do something cool,
  2. Sing something fantastic,
  3. You’re MY bruuuuuu, or
  4. I just like you in general,

then you can see your name written in stone on my backblast.  And by “stone” I really mean that it will likely be on the same computerized device you are reviewing at this exact moment.  Talk about exciting pressure!

So, come out for 2 rocks and 4 corners which is an uneducated man’s way of knowing the date. Partners or groups will definitely be involved.  And by “2 rocks and 4 corners” I really mean to bring a friend, any friend, even your BEST friend.

We will change things up by FINISHING with a ‘Merkin Mile… and there aren’t any dang squats in a ‘Merkin Mile!


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