7 Miler

When: 03/11/16

PAX (): Hickory Stick, Foghorn, Slapshot, Defcon 2

4 PAX rolled up to Mugs for a Friday morning stroll.

The range of how far we should run was from 5 to 8 miles, but the PAX settled on 7.

From Mugs the group went west on Milton Avenue, which turns into Mid Broadwell, Left onto a very brief stint on Mayfield Road, left onto Broadwell Road, Left on to Rucker Road which turned into Old Milton Parkway, left onto Haynes Bridge, Left onto Academy Stret which turns into Milton Avenue, Left onto Old Roswell to make it an even 7.

Great job by the group today. Really pushed one another.

Really appreciate Slapshot being there with the light.
Glad DC2 didn’t die. Alpharetta drivers barely understand driving straight, let alone what to do with pedestrians.
Foghorn pushed til the end. Hard to believe 8 months ago he ran his first 5k, now he’s pacing the group for a 7 miler.

Link to Route and other data: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1081023045/share/0?lang=en

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