Time to break out the short sleeves!

When: 03/10/16

QIC: Swiper, Cookie

PAX (): Lightbulb, Swag, Slapshot (FNG), Cookie, Swiper

Great morning at the Rubicon as spring temps arrived, despite the old man winter fartsack refusing to release the strong grip on many of our PAX!  That being said, F3 Alpha came through as always with an impromptu beat down that almost came across like we had it planned the whole time!  Here’s what went down:

Mosey to the big parking lot by the pool for warm up’s:  All IC




Cotton Pickers

Headed out to Old Milton to get things started with a Sqerkin Mile, alternating Merkins and Squats at every intersection through the standard route, past the airplane, and all the way back around to the tennis courts.

Mosey over to the FOD:  Cookie fortunately had a couple of unused exercises from his VQ on Tuesday which were as follows:

Morning Wood- 2 sets of 10.  (For those not familiar with this one, it is so named because you have to start on your back and pop all the way up without using your hands)

11’s on the hill, starting with one burpee at the bottom and 10 Carolina Dry Docks at the Top, then 2 burpees and 9 CDD’s, all the way back to 10 burpees and 1 CDD.

Headed back to the Flag for some Mary:



Freddie Mercury’s


American Hammers


-Welcome to Lightbulb’s friend Slapshot (FNG)

-Lightbulb and Swag both with 2 straight posts!  Strong!

-Cookie showing strong Q skills right out of the gate with a solid VQ on Tuesday and willingness to jump back in today

-Great things happening with F3 Alpha!  Feeling an awesome spring season ahead!



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