VQ with something to prove!

When: 03/08/16

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Law Dog, Peanut, DC2, Swiper, Swag, Grits, Foghorn, Lightbulb, Cookie & Udders (from Greensboro, NC)

10 Pax in attendance on this beautiful morning, reminding us that spring is just around the corner.

Mosey to children of corn (1/2 mile)
-side straddle hop
-cotton picker
Mosey to dog park track
-balls to wall
-Bojangles Biscuit run (sprint on the straightaways, mosey around the corners, 4 laps total)
-Zombie Walk (lunge walk) across field
Mosey to field of dreams
-Mucho Chesto Homerun (a Cookie original)
-merkins at home base, bear crawl to 1st (plank for the 6’s at each base)
-wide merkin at 1st, crab walk to 2nd
-diamond at 2nd, reverse crab to 3rd
-stagger at 3rd, cheetah crawl home
-opposite stagger at home
-rinse & repeat
Sprint to flag for some Mary’s
-ring around the Rosy (Freddie Mercury, Box Cutters, Dolly, LBC)
-good times were had by all
-welcome Udders from Greensboro
-Peanut had to dip early
-Foghorn shared a great 3rd F opportunity to donate or volunteer to local YMCA (event on Mar 26th)
-prayers for Law Dog’s wife’s grandmother
-praise/prayers for my (Cookie’s) new house, went under contract last night

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