Pre-blast for the 3rd F experience.. Give, and Act.

When: 3/7/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): F3 Alpha PAX

As the inaugural Q of the 3rd F for F3 Alpharetta, YHC has spent quite a bit of time pouring through backblasts, reviewing how other regions have represented the 3rd F, and pondering how this area will manifest itself in the Alpha group. I think many would agree the 3rd F is the most difficult to Q. After all, we all wandered into the gloom initially for the Fitness, and the PAX happily get together for Fellowship over beers, but the Faith???

After almost a year of exposure to the F3 experience, swallowing the #DRP in whole, and seeing other AOs in action, I’ve sensed a (conscious? unconscious?) struggle with the 3rd F and it’s appropriate placement in this culture. I myself am led by my relationship with Jesus Christ, having received direction directly from God in a time of crisis in my life. But other PAX have opted for moments of silence in lieu of prayer, for example, out of respect for those PAX who may have other ideas of faith. And if our goal is to be truly inclusive to all men in our communities, tying the F3 experience to the Christian God is hardly a sustainable growth and expansion plan.

I’m sure Dredd or one of the founders have great insight and direction on this topic, and certainly they have written (and/or tweeted) at great length on topics relating to the 3rd F.

So the question is.. what is the 3rd F, and how will it manifest itself in F3 Alpharetta? Prayer? Bible Study? Volunteerism? Charitable donations? All of the above? Does it matter? My fellow PAX, it does matter.. It matters because it’s the F in which we most place ourselves third, after all others. The F in which we move beyond our own life experiences and get actively involved in the improvement of another’s life experience. So whatever we choose to do with the 3rd F, whatever it may look like for this group of men, the 3rd F will simply be an opportunity to do good in this community. An opportunity to show others that there are still men in this world that are kind, generous, patient, caring, giving, and honest. Let’s do good work Alpha men.

Charitable Donation Opportunity
YMCA Scholarship Campaign

YHC recently became involved as an ‘active community campaigner’ for the YMCA of Metro ATL’s annual scholarship campaign, which happens to fall in the same quarter in which I’ve been tapped as Q of 3rd F for the F3 Alpha men. Coincidence? I think not…

YHC has been involved with the Y long before I was a full grown Foghorn… since I was a just a wee lad in college, working my way through school as a swim team coach. I’ve personally seen and worked with the thousands of kids whose families simply cannot afford the programs so many of us take for granted, programs such as after school care, summer camp, swim lessons, etc… What some don’t realize is that no child is turned away from these valuable programs due to their family’s inability to pay, instead subsidized through community contributions to the scholarship campaign.

The beauty of this campaign is that even 20/30/40 bucks goes a long way toward providing a child with these valuable programs.

How To Contribute
I’ll be collecting contributions at each beatdown from 3/7 – 3/12.

Contribute online by going to Ensure F3 is given credit for the contributions by entering ‘Carl Sanders YMCA’ in the branch portion, and ‘Patrick Walsh’ as the Campaigner. Contributions will be rolled under a ‘F3’ banner.

Volunteer Opportunity
North Fulton Community Charities

“To build self-sufficiency and prevent homelessness and hunger in our community by providing emergency assistance and enrichment programs.

NFCC provides assistance to over 5,000 families each year, operating a food distribution network, clothing assistance, and direct financial support.

Our group will volunteer in and support the thrift store operations, whose proceeds provide the primary source of financial support for NFCC’s programming. NFCC relies almost exclusively on volunteer support for its thrift store operation. Through our work, F3 Alpha will directly contribute to the primary financial source of NFCC programs.

When: Saturday, March 26, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Where: NFCC Thrift Store
11270 Elkins Road, Roswell, GA
Dress: Jeans and T-shirt, closed toe tennis shoes. Likely a customer-facing role, so look presentable!
2.0 appropriate?: Ages 13 & Up Only

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