Coming to Q on 2 Wheels

When: 03/07/16

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, LA, Mr. Miyagi, Tightrope, Sunshine, Weird Science, The Dab, Simba, Swiss Army Knife (FNG)

What a nice morning in the Hooch. That place is going to get humid soon so very enjoyable this morning.

YHC pulls up with about 10 seconds to spare due to a brief pit stop.
Let’s get this thing warmed up, but Boomer made a good call and asked that we didn’t get too far.

So a brief warmup loop and back to starting position where we of course picked up The Dab and soon after Weird Science. I would say it’s a late crowd at the Hooch, but guys like Miyagi and Ratatouille are there at 5 it seems.

So now that we are all here and had a brief warmup, it’s off to the field.

Short cut through low area to the field where the low permeability of the soil made the pax worry about how soggy this might be. When did it even rain last?
Line up for 4 corner.
Corner 1, 10 Burpees
Corner 2, 20 Merkins
Corner 3, 30 Squats
Corner 4, 40 LBCs
3 rounds OYO

Indian Run over to the Hill.

Wait for the 6 doing some merkins in a circle like a wave at a stadium. Not to be confused with the Circle Merk GRITS once called.

Make it to the hill. YHC audibles, said he wouldn’t last night, but it’s very dark over there and it wouldn’t have worked with what YHC wanted to do.

DST is this weekend, brief debate on if it will be darker or lighter next Monday.

Always best to KISS (Keep it simple stupid) when you audible.
So 5 burpees, run to island 10 Merkins, run to next island 15 Squats, run to next island 20 LBCs, back to the previous island for 15 squats, to the Merkin Island for 10 more merkins, back to starting position for 5 burpees.

Mosey back.

Stop for clock merkins on the curb.

Continue mosey, stop at the field.

Similar to a merkin wave we did a squat wave, then a high knee jump wave where Boomer showed that he has the highest vertical in F3.
Back to the columns for ascending derkins. feet on the wall/column at 15 degrees for 10 merkins,

up to 45 degrees for 10 merkins, if you can get BTW, 5 merkins.

Back to the flag for Marys

Welcome FNG Swiss Army Knife (Swiss for short).  Guy has some fast burpees!

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