Oliver Gospel Mission Ruck Raffle

When: 03/02/2016

QIC: Robber

PAX (): All you guys

Rather than going back the Bank (AKA The F3 Foundation), this year I really wanted to figure out another way to fund the programs F3 Columbia is involved with at the Oliver Gospel Mission. The F3F has been more than generous with it’s funds, but I wanted to make room on the balance sheet for some of the other programs that are getting kicked off around the F3 Nation.

To be clear: It’s not cheap to give each man that posts to 3 workouts a bada$$ Mudgear jersey, but it’s among one of my favorite things to do. The sense of pride that these men have when sporting the jersey is nothing short of amazing. One guy told me that the jersey made him feel bulletproof. I advised him not to test that out.

In addition to jerseys, we’ve been able to help out buying medicine on a couple occaisions, race registration fees, 2ndF events, and two of our pax have even started a financial literacy class. This stuff all takes cash.

In an effort to fund these activities, we’re having a raffle, and it’s simple. Buy a ticket for $10, and win the OGM Mission Rucking Bundle which includes:

  1. A GORUCK GR0 (Donated by TNT)
  2. A GORUCK sternum strap (Donated by TNT)
  3. A GORUCK Field Pocket (Donated by GORUCK)
  4. A Coupon for a free GORUCK Tough or Light Event (Donated by GORUCK)
  5. MudGear F3 Tac Hat (Donated by Mudgear)
  6. 2 pairs of Feetures Elite Merino + Light Cushion Crew Socks (Donated by Mudgear)
  7. Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp (Donated by Half-moon Outfitters)
  8. Platypus Soft Bottle (Donated by Half-moon Outfitters)

To Play

To enter, simply PayPal $10 (per entry) to F3Columbia@gmail.com. I’d recommend entering a bunch of times. We will randomly select a winner from the entries on March 15th.

Thank you to all of our donors who gave to make this possible.


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