Rubicon Super Tuesday PB

When: 03/01/16

QIC: Crack for President

PAX (): The other Candidates

After Nacho could not handle the Bern, he passed it off to Crack to provide #confinement.  Come on out for a nice dose of politicking.  (If this is really the reason you plan to post tomorrow, then you had better hope Foghorn shows up to discuss #governance, because it ain’t happenin’ here!)

However, everyone that comes will have an opportunity to be vocal toward their favorite Exicon working.  *NOTE: This portion is limited to the first 16 PAX in line by the time the line ceases to become a line and is better off being offline.  (for clarification, Ask Law Dog or Boomer, assuming Boomer was successful in last weeks expedition for which is determined next month.) 

We are going to Indian Run using the new head calls the Q routine.  If you are in the top 16 – see above – then come excited to share your exercise.  The good news is that DCII cannot critique the inconsistency of our Indian Native American Run line tomorrow!  And if he does, his present will just come on back home with YHC, or with NSU since NSU now has a strong understanding of YHC.  Just know that this Indian Run will be brisk as should be the case when you stop every 50 or so foots.

Now for the fun stuff: we will introduce the PAX to a new playground paid for by your tax dollars.  Of course these tax dollars went first to the politicos that so soundly know the greatest interest of the Super PACs PAX, second to the contracts for the PAX PACs of the politicos, third to the legal fees defending the first two, and so on… but somewhere down there, your tax dollars paid for this playground!  Lets enjoy it with Dora 1-2-3 finding pull-ups, swerkins, and dips.

Hopefully we run out of time, otherwise we need a song that begins “I wanna two rocks right now”

Editors note: The following PAX may or may not be allowed to vote tomorrow as most claim one of the Carolina’s as their home: Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, Swiper, GRITS, Boomer, DC2, All Hooch PAX… practically everyone except Mufasa.  And he can do whatever in tarnation he feels like.

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