Eight plus a Starsky makes Nine!

When: 02/27/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Boomer, Cookie, Flo, Mufasa, No-See-Um, Darth Visor, Grits, Swiper

Great morning in the Gloom as temps hovered at the freezing point, but 8 PAX came out to celebrate the fact that the heavy rains and high winds were behind us and it was time to seize the day!  Here’s what went down…

Short mosey to the grassy area by the parking lot for warm ups IC:


Cotton Pickers

Imperial walkers

Headed out for an east-bound merkin mile OYO down Marietta St. alternating merkins and squats at intersections, turning right on Roswell St. and circling back to the children of the corn for a few dips on the benches (since no one feels comfortable getting too close to the children before the sun comes up)

Mosey around to the back side of the building for some Del Brown Mucho Chesto

Start with 10 regular merkins, crab walk 25 yards, do 10 wide merkins

crab walk 25 years, do 10 diamond merkins, etc. through the mucho chesto cycle

Rinse and repeat replacing crab walks with bear crawls on the second round

Head across the field with some Lt. Dans IC, 1 squat, 4 lunges, then 2 squats, 8 lunges, etc. all the way up to 10 squats and 40 lunges

Mosey back to the parking lot for Greta 1,2,3’s with blocks (Official F3 exercise, I swear!)

Partners take turns doing block exercises while other partner runs lap around parking lot- 50 squat to overhead press, 100 skull crushers, 150 curls

Quick lap around the parking lot with a sprint to the flag for some Mary:




Freddie Mercury

American Hammers

  • Blessings for 50 hours of prayer for the persecuted church at Perimeter, Flo participated before heading to the Rubicon
  • Prayers for Cookie’s family friend, Theresa, who went to be with the lord this week
  • Praise for the spreading of the message of the end it movement- thanks to all from F3 Alpha and praise for exposure from celebrities, athletes, and influential people all over the world on Thursday
  • Great to be joined at coffeteria by our friend Crack who posted with a full Starsky!  (Darth logged a partial Starsky earlier in the year because he joined 15 minutes of that day’s beat down)
  • Inquiries coming in from Stone Mountain and Acworth if you know people in those areas who might want to join F3
  • Mark your calendars for 2nd F celebration on 4/16/16 to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the forming of F3 Alpha- Location and Details forthcoming, but it will be a family event, likely around 5 PM

2 thoughts on “Eight plus a Starsky makes Nine!”

  1. Always good to have a Full Stsrsky in the bunch. A man needs coffee and the fartsack every now and then. By the way my first ever F3 post three plus years ago was at your AO.

  2. Now hang on just a minute. I don’t want to be disrespecting a classy member of the organization because someone doesn’t under the lexicon. I performed the Starsky this morning. I need a little practice before I try to get to the Full Starsky!


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