Do the Hooch guys know we do this on the weekends?

When: 02/20/2016

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Cookie, Do Si Do, Defcon 2, Grits, Swiper

6:30 AM and the weather was, no other way to describe it, perfect.  So where was everyone?

6 Rubicon Originals in The Hooch (for this Saturday only) for an hour long beatdown.

YHC checked twitter to see that DC2 managed to find every stop light on State Bridge, so we went at 6:31 AM.

Little fun with the warmup, got the speaker out and The Police sang Roxanne. Plank jacks til the lyrics start, merkin on every “Roxanne”, frogger on every “red light”. You really forget how many times they say each of those at the end.

After that, it was mosey to the field where YHC had staged a gorilla taped center block (coupon) on the field for some ring of fire sets.

From there, indian run to the Hill. yes, that hill… mosey to the bottom.

Jacob’s Ladder. run to the top, 1 burpee, run back down. run back up, 2 burpees,….up to 10 burpees.

Back to the parking field, for an indian run, plank position, hurdles.

Back to the field for the also staged Frisbee for some sprints in the air, lunge walks upon hitting the ground. Either YHC’s Frisbee is better than Crack’s or we just had good throwers today. Lots of hang time.

Nobody there today was there on Wednesday so we did a merkin ladder on the field from 20-1. A little mix up of the merkin style once we hit about 10.

Mosey back to the flag with the block and Frisbee. <2MOM


Very well attended coffeeteria. Brief discussion on getting a shirt order in time for the warmer temps coming up.

Great to see Do Si Do back in action. Have to be taking the red pill to come to The Hooch from Woodstock.
Thanks to Swiper for the assistance on counting the merkins on the ladder.
Good work by Cookie on the hill. Definitely pushed me to not stop.
Awesome job by DC2 on the hill as well as a followup to yesterdays Hoppy-like run.
Grits was back and looking like he’s in full health, still bearded!

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