When: 02/18/16


PAX (): GRITS, Nacho Libre, Crack, Flo, DC2, Cookie

6 posted this cool morning for a little warmup in between the fields in the dark spot, and on to several stations throughout The Rubicon.

The Thang

20 SSH
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Cotton Pickers
20 Merkins

Mosey to the Hill
Triple Nickels; Triple 5’s
5 Merkins at bottom
5 Squat Jumps at Top
Rinse/Repeat x5

Mosey to the Rocky Quarry grabbing small boulders
Triple 6’s
6 Curls
6 Skull Crushers
6 Shoulder Press
Rinse/Repeat x 6 moving 1 space to right each time

Mosey to the Street Front Parade Deck
Triple 7s
Seal Sit-ups x 7 (We miss you Darth!)
Rinse/Repeat x 5

Mosey to Pavilion

Triple 8’s
Step ups x8
Derkins x8
Irkins x 8
LBCs x8
Merkins x8
Alternating Merkins x8

Mosey to Parking Lot
9 Second Sprint Eliminations

Flutters x 15
Dolly x 15
LBC x 15

Prayers for Flo’s mother—to ease her suffering and bring her healing. Prayers for D2’s daughter, as well, to heal quickly under God’s care.

A little singing from Crack in the am; however, his early departure left us in silence and yearning for such a magnificent voice akin to Angels.  P.S. he really likes rocks.
Mumble chatter about upcoming Sat workout at the Hooch—reminder: No Rubicon this Sat. due to Road Race
BTW-Cookie is FAST! Flo has some competition.
Appreciate the opportunity to lead the workout.


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