Say hello to my little friend, the merkin

When: 02/17/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Peachy, the Dab, Simba, Ratatouille, Flo, Tightrope, Nacho Libre, L.A., Khakis, Windtalker, Candyland, Tough Skins, Miyagi

14 pax (3 Rubicon regulars, 1 visitor from Charlotte, 2 FNGs, and 8 Hooch newcomers) posted on a warmish Wednesday morning. Hickory Stick’s M was spilling the merlot all night so YHC tried to fill in for Hickory’s fast shoes. Here is what happened.

Warmup: IC

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Mosey through the path to Johns Creek High School. Short set of dips waiting for the light. Stop along the way for a round of ATM. 15 alternating shoulder taps (IC), 10 tempo merkins (down on a slow count to 4), and 10 merkins regular tempo. YHC was delighted to hear midwife noises already breaking the gloom silence, and I knew the pax would love what was coming next. Mosey up to the lacrosse field. BLIMPS and a short sprint and backpedal. Short mosey around the field. Avoid the man in the truck unlocking the gate. Line up for a merkin ladder starting at 20, sprint to other side for 19, back for 18 and so on. YHC called time in order to get back to flag in time for Mary. Mosey back with a quick pitstop for some manly rock lifting. Curls, skullcrushers, and shoulder press. Mosey on. Back to the flag for Mary. LBCs, flutter kicks, rosalita, dying cockroaches, dollies, and Freddy Mercury. COT, Name-o-rama, and BOM.


  • Welcome FNGS Khakis and L.A. Also great having Tough Skins from Mint Hill join us.
  • Good time at Starbucks afterwards. Watch out because a community of HIMs is forming in Johns Creek.
  • Great having Miyagi (not Mr. Miyagi) back for his second beatdown. Ratatouille and The Dab continue their streak.
  • Prayers for Flo’s Mom, family who lost their 8 year old, YHC’s mental beatdown courtesy the GA bar examiners.

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  1. Thanks for letting me join y’all today. Nice AO with tons of available space and good group of guys. Can’t wait to join you again in the future!


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