Partner up in threes

When: 02/13/16

QIC: Swiper, Crack

PAX (): No-See-Um, Def Con II, Boomer, Swiper, Crack

Today was a very partner based workout and since there were 5 PAX this AM, three guys had to partner up together.  So, we partnered up and then split up for our mosey up to the stadium up.  Two partners went down Old Milton and up Will Dr, while 3 partners went up Wills Rd and down Milton Ave stopping halfway along the straightaways for 15 merkins and at the corners for 15 partner claps.  From the intersecting corner where the partners all partnered (figure that out if you weren’t there!) we continued this method for the remaining distance to the stadium.

Once at the stadium, Swiper cranked up Dora with the same partners: 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs.  The running partner had two reps up the stadium stairs with the first set in pairs and the second in singles. Down were always singles, unless you came down in pairs. (Figure that out if you weren’t there!)

From there were 4 corners on the football field, though in a slightly smaller footprint than what was available: 10 star jumps, 20 monkey humpers, 30 plank jacks, 40 squats with a couple sprints, a bear crawl, and a backwards run. With a you couple sets of dips and another of merkins, we cooled down with a quick lap and a stretch.  Have you ever seen a cotton mill?  Well, if you weren’t there, you will have to figure it out!, but they were long, slow, and just what the PAX were needing.

With all of the mumble chatter from DC2 about rucking in the Alpha area, we did a modified ruck on the way back to the SF.  Without rucks, we decided just to carry each other and though we didn’t make it the whole way, he is getting closer not just to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, but to run up that mole hill!  Once to the top of the mountain, we dropped our rucks (or if you’re YHC, just left it midway up the hill) and intro’d another new move: Ninja Merkins.  TWO moves in ONE posting.  Which reminds me of a joke about killing two birds with one stone… for another day.  We hit these new Nerkins on the speed humps and once back to the flag, stop in at Wacky World for 6 minutes of Tarzan (50 each with your partner: swerkins, pull-up, and knee-ups) and then a couple Mary exreeeecises (J-Lo’s, LBCRs, Box cutters).

Boomer had us logged with about 4 miles of movement and a solid 4 it was by 5. (Figure that out if you weren’t there!)


Prayers for No-See-Ums daughter bouncing around with pneumonia.  HB 2 NSU BTW!  Praise for the sight witnessed by Swiper: Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine Prom.  If you weren’t there, you should ask ole Swipe instead of trying to figure it out.  It sounds amazing.  Also, great to see some of things happening around F3 Alpha and the men that comprise our AOs, especially since the start of The Hooch.  Keep the momentum and build on it!

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