11’s and Mucho Chesto on the menu

When: 02/11/16

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (): Foghorn, Hickory Stick, Mufasa, Cookie, Def Con II, Nacho Libre, Crack

The Rubicon welcomed 8 PAX on a glorious morning to take a beatdown and YHC obliged.  One thing that is becoming a constant at the Rubicon (besides Mufasa leading the pack in almost everything and Boomer quietly taking care of business and making things look so easy) is Def Con II.  That guy is showing up on a regular basis, putting in work and always keeping up with the Q on the “mosey’s”.  I would however like to see Flo lead a mosey and push the pace to see what the real Def Con II has in his tank!


On to the Thang:


We started with a quick mosey to the start of the “mile workout” and noticed a familiar vehicle pulling out and Crack was just able to pull his self out of the fartsack in time to join us.  He didn’t take long to catch up as the PAX warmed up with Lunge (x10 at first speed bump), Squat (x10 at second) and Merkins (x10 at third and so on) throughout our warm-up mile.


We stopped at the Chopper to do some stationery warm-up that included:

*Slow Cotton Pickers x11

*Slow Windmills x11

*Slow (3-count) Squats x11

*Imperial Walkers x11


Then back to the mile and once back to the Shovel Flag, we moseyed to the hill by the Field of Dreams.


11’s with Burpees / Carolina Dry Docks………..these took a lot out of the PAX and was definitely the start of the BEATDOWN!  Once finished each PAX ran to LF foul pole and back and planked for the SIX.


Mosey to open area behind concession stand and two lines with PAX facing each other.  YHC thought it would be a great idea to knock out the Mucho Chesto’s right here right now!  Man those are tough!!!  But we battled through and each PAX did the best they could and unfortunately we didn’t have Grits with us to show us how he does the 0.2 Mucho Chesto’s.


Back to flag for 5 MOM.





*Reverse LBC’s

*American Hammers


Great morning work by all and a privilege to lead!  Not much chatter today as the YHC kept the PAX moving and breathing hard all morning (at least I know I was panting).  Happy Birthday to Cookie today and we will celebrate at Hop Alley tonight!



*Prayers for the Tucker family who were lost in house fire with only the Dad/Husband surviving.


*Prayers for Def Con II’s small group friend who has Shingles and must be away from wife and newborn for three weeks.


*Continued prayers for Darth as he is battling a knee problem.


*Also learned before leaving that Mufasa will miss Saturday because he is going caving again and back to the same cave where the young girl was badly injured.  Let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he goes back in after that accident on the last trip.


Don’t forgot about the 2nd F event at Hop Alley tonight!  Come and watch Grits perform his version of Mucho Chesto on the bar!

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