Hoppy-Like, Snake-Like

When: 2/5/16


PAX (): Def Con 2, Hickory Stick, Foghorn

3 PAX ventured out for a Friday morning run around beautiful downtown Alpharetta. Though this Friday running event is largely ignored by the Alpha group, Def Con 2 has decided to take the plunge, joining YHC and Hickory Stick. After some debate regarding proper run attire for 28 degrees, we hit the streets.

This Friday run has been christened by Crack as the ‘Hoppy-Like’, which is appropriate since we on occasion will run the route of the world famous “World’s Hoppiest 5k”, hosted by downtown Alpharetta each year. However, the PAX is growing strong, and refuses to be contained to simply a 5k, instead opting for a full 4 miles this cold morning. Granted, we had to snake through a few back streets at the finish to ensure the full 4 miles.

4 miles at a 9 minute pace.

A good run, a good morning, a good life.


Watch out for Def Con 2, who is quickly establishing himself as the face you can expect to see at each and every posting. #Respect

I for one am thankful for now being able to call myself a runner after many months of suffering through these Friday runs, learning proper technique and approach with the expertise of Hickory Stick and Lightbulb to guide the way. Thanks guys.

Speaking of Lightbulb, hoping to see that man back around soon at the regular bootcamps.


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