The Hooch Is Alive!

When: 02/03/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Hickory Stick, Do Si Do, Def Con 2, Darth Visor, Mufasa, Foghorn, Weird Science, Sketchy, Trojan, Swiper FNGs- Sunshine, Windtalker, Candy Land, Ratatouille, Peachy, and The Dab.

18 Pax rolled out of the fartsack and defied Cantorre for the first beatdown at the Hooch. Like the Rubicon, the Hooch is born in foul weather. A brief shower woke everyone up, and then the weather was perfect until Name-o-rama. The rain cut our COT a little short, and once we were done, the floodgates opened. I’m not saying God held back the water just for the Hooch, but He does control Mother Nature and she cooperated fully with our plans. Here is what happened.

Warmup: IC

  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins
  • Squats

The Thang:

Mosey down to the soccer field for a four corners with a burpee/star jumps descending ladder. Run to the first corner and perform 10 burpees. Bear crawl to corner and 10 star jumps. Sprint length of field to 3rd corner for 9 burpees. Bear crawl to corner for 9 star jumps. Plank for the 6. We continued as such down to 1 burpee and 1 star jump but each round we changed the animal movement. We went duck walk, crab walk, panther crawl (keep pounding!), and then sprint for the last round. We then circled up for Jack Webb up to 10 merkins. Some cocky FNGs thought that air didn’t get heavier, but they now know the truth. We moseyed back to the flag for a quick Mary. Name-o-rama and COT. Great effort by all. Many thanks to all the Rubicon pax who helped launch today. And thanks to the many Pax who couldn’t make it but have helped get the Hooch going.


  • Great to see Trojan coming out of hibernation. It’s really not fair that he hasn’t lost a step during his absence.
  • Great coffee afterwards with Flo, Foghorn, Weird Science, Mufasa, DV, and two Starskys
  • Didn’t meet any Rizzos today Crack. Maybe next time. We needed a songstress though.
  • Welcome Windtalker, Candy Land, Ratatouille, Peachy, Sunshine, and The Dab.
  • Before we began the burpee ladder, YHC confessed that it is too easy for men to take shortcuts and cut corners because we’re afraid of what others might think. Its easy to lose form because we don’t want other men to see our weakness. So instead we fake it. Not here. That’s for sad clowns, and we are HIM. We will post with our brothers, sharpen each other, and admit that we need each other and our God to truly be strengthened. It takes strength brothers, to admit we are weak and need help. Thanks for sharpening me today, and I’ll see you in the gloom.

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