Rock, Paper, Cotton-Pickers

When: 01/28/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Swag (WB), Peanut, Cookie, Hickory, Crack, Foghorn, Nacho Libre, Law Dog, Flo, Boomer, Def Con 2, Swiper, Darth Visor (WD-Respect!)

F3 Alpha got to experience their first taste of an all out brawl to determine the morning’s Q.  Who knew that leading these men could bring out such emotional intensity?  But it did.  Right there in front of 11 innocent, bystanding PAX, Crack and Flo waged a Rock-Paper-Scissors war to the figurative death.  It was so intense that the rules were not even stated; Crack just whipped out his imaginary paper and smothered it all over Flo’s imaginary rock.  Crack thought Flo would just succumb to his injuries and head home, but it turns out Flo gets a solid dose of #KING and would not be affected by such frivolous Oprah Bombs.  Ho-hum…

So 13 men braved the wilderness for this morning’s hunt.  It began with a covert expedition to set up the day properly, and since everyone loves the long, slow, deep cotton-picker, we did tons of them!  Added in were windmills, SSHs and then a wheel of merkins.

For the real mission, we ventured to the Field of Dreams.  We knew they would not expect us there.  After splitting into 3 groups, separated by the fast, the not-so-fast, and the not-so-fast as the not-so-fast, 1.5 miles of laps were knocked out.  One group of running-men and 2 stations at all times.  Enjoyed were station exercises of Makhtar N’Diayes, hip slappers, shoulder touches, CCDs, squats, reverse lunges, LBCs, Superman Bananas for our boy Peanut, Rosies, Dollies, Jo-Los.

Onto the big hill for some 11s.  The plan was to do hand-release merkins at the top (countdown point) and plank jacks – NOT bridge jacks, but PLANK jacks! – at the bottom.  Well, in the spirit of the violence he witnessed first thing this morning, or possibly from his own confrontational nature, DC2 insisted that we perform these tasks in reverse order.  Julie Andrews must be in town because the Hill came alive with sound of music (or anger) as the hand-release merkins ascended to 10.  One thing is true, the fast, even when at a disadvantage, are still fast.  And jelly-lubbing is tough to accomplish with hand-release merkins!  After a quick stop at Wacky World for 6 Minutes of Tarzan, we went homeward bound with our fresh catch of the day.

COT and news

  • Flo passed along a golden token of wisdom just recently shared with him from a man struggling in his marriage.  In spite of the struggles, this man has put the challenge of being a good husband solely on himself and is working to prevent others from getting to his shoes.  I must paraphrase, but “lean into your wives and support them. Guard your hearts, and never give up.”
  • 6 days until the official planting of F3Alpha’s “The Hooch!”  Its already on the website as workout spot and if you notice through this BB, it already has a tag as well.
  • We are identifying short-term Q roles for all of the responsibilities in our area.  If there is something you can help with or want to be involved in, either now or in the future, speak with YHC, Hickory or any of the following:
  • The Hooch Qs: Monday-Boomer, Wednesday-Flo
  • Rubicon Qs: Tuesday-Nacho LIbre, Thursday-No See Um, Saturday-Sign up genius (unless no one signs up)
  • Hoppy-Like (Friday run): Foghorn, Hickory
  • 2nd F Q: Swiper
  • 3rd F/Volunteer work Q: Foghorn
  • 2.0 workout: ??maybe DC2??
  • There are about 10 other things that Hickory may be willing to hand-off for any interested PAX
  • DC2 and Mufasa are meeting this Monday, 2/1 at Riverside Park for some rucking.  No word on whether or not this will be a permanent workout, but it sure sounds like fun.  The Hooch 2 sure has a nice ring to it!

As always, I enjoyed it! Crack

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