Pain in the Parking Deck

When: 1/21/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Hickory Stick, Do Si Do, No See Um, Flo, Swiper, Cookie, Boomer, Dr. Evil, Foghorn, Def Con 2

10 PAX refused to allow the annual overhyped weather report keep them in the #fartsack. We showed up, we suffered, we conquered.


Really no warmup to speak of, excluding the Indian Run to the City Center parking deck. Approximately 1.2 miles. Was it just me, or did PAX seem hesitant with the distance? The alarm was raised by Def Con 2 on the ice patches, crisis averted. Arrive at parking deck.. SSH x 15

The Thang:

Bearway to Heaven, with some modifications!
Bear crawl up short side to next level.. Squat until the six is in.. 5 burpees.
Sprint up long side to next level.. Squat until the six is in.. 4 burpees.
Continue that routine to the top of the deck.. thenĀ 13 burpees for 13 stripes on the flag (Really YHC’s punishment for kidnapping the flag for a week, but happy to share with the PAX)

Back to bottom of deck.. jog, backwards jog, side shuffle, side shuffle, backwards jog.. hit bottom of deck.

Find the stairs! Up and down, bottom to top, 2x (some chatter about frequency of leg exercises lately, I won’t call out names)

Merkins x 20 at bottom.. Iron Sharpens Iron!

Mosey back to campus and flag. 1.2 miles, PAX much more committed to the return.

LBC x 30
Reverse LBC x 15
Flutter x 15

6 month anniversary of Swiper’s first post! Life changing event! I remember his first post, he looked like I felt at my first post at launch of Alpha in April. Merlot seeping from our pores..

Always a pleasure to see Dr. Evil, who has bear in his blood, breezing through those bearcrawls with a slow and steady pace, like he was just casually browsing for berries.. #Respect to guys with the fortitude to post while traveling.

Boomer at the front of the PAX as always, told to follow but freed to lead.. #HIM.

Another strong post for Hickory, who I award the Cal Ripken Jr. award for all around consistency. That guy could run for years..

Flo enjoyed the running today.. I’m expecting a cut of that step count bet you’ll be dominating this week with the men at work..

Def Con 2 keeping everyone’s ankles intact by raising the alarm to Def Con 7 for ice.. Funny how we live up to our names huh?

YHC’s first time meeting Cookie (FNG from last week?), who posted and performed like a veteran.

No See Um with the usual domination.. I’ll know I’ve delivered a tough Q when I see No See Um winded.. that day has yet to come..

Do Si Do goes about his business quietly and consistently, the kind of #HIM to be relied on at all times..

Lots of chatter about expansion into Johns Creek, managed as an offshoot of @F3Alpha. Looks like we are there on M/W, beginning in two weeks. Alpha men encouraged to post to get her started right, looking forward to lots of FNGs in that area. #Respect to Flo and Boomer for getting that up and running… literally.

Lots of praise this morning, full of gratitude and appreciation for life and blessings, thankful for the teachings of Christ.. Love, service, humility, gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness.. Today is the best day of our lives!


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  1. As always, a pleasure to spend time with my Alpharetta brothers. Thanks for the hospitality, and the audible on the long bear crawls!


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