300 on the Frozen Tundra

When: 01/19/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Def Con 2, Nacho Libre, Crack, Mufasa, Foghorn

A clear and cold Tuesday gloom saw 7 pax brave the 18 degree (8 with wind chill) temperature and get after it at the Rubicon. No FNGs today. Only the most committed showed up, and it was great to start the day with a cold smack in the face. Here is what happened.

Quick warmup of SSH, Cotton Pickers, and Imperial Walkers. We then started on a merkinless mile doing mountain climbers at cross streets and monkey humpers at speed bumps. After a quick stop in the parking lot, we moseyed up to the dog park field. The lights were not turned on which surprised YHC, but we persevered on the dark and frozen field. 3 cones were set up at one end, and another 3 cones at the second lightless lamp post. The pax sprint the length of the field and do 30 merkins at first cone, shuffle to 2nd cone and do 30 squats, and shuffle to 3rd cone and do 30 LBCs. Sprint back down the field and repeat at second set of cones. Repeat until completing 300 merkins, 300, squats, and 300 LBCs. Indian Run back to the flag for a short Mary consisting of 25 IC Rosalitas and 25 Dollys. COT and BOM.


  • Great to have the shovel flag back (and Foghorn too)
  • Zero chance Darth Visor was returning this morning.
  • Nacho Libre was in typical beast mode. In the words of Flo, “Never challenge a mat rat to a push up contest.”
  • Johns Creek F3 coming soon! Checking out a possible AO at Perimeter Church, Johns Creek High School, or State Bridge Elementary. Planning on Mon and/or Wed morning. Saturdays still at Rubicon. Tell your sad clown friends!

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