The Ferocious Five

When: 01/16/16

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (): No-See-Um, Swiper, Flo, Cookie, Def Con II

We had a light crowd today on this somewhat ‘warmer’ winter day as 5 PAX showed up.  YHC immediately spotted a familiar face before the action got started as he and Cookie have little girls at the same day care.  We slowly left the starting point hoping to see more show up, but we were ready to get after it nevertheless!


Warm-Up (IC):

After a short mosey to parking lot behind pool we did some SSH (x10), Squats (x10), Imp. Walkers (x10).  Half lap mosey and then Merkins (x10), Mountain Climbers (x10), Plank Jacks (x10).  Another half lap mosey with a few more warm-up exercises mixed in.


Now, back to main parking lot to choose the Block of your choice for the start Leg Work day #3 of the week.

*Four Cones set up approx. 10 yards apart.

-10 Regular Squats with block in hand at cone #1.

-Then Block goes overhead (for the rest of the workout) and Duck Walk to cone #2

-10 Overhead Squats & Imperial Walkers to cone #3

-10 Genuines & Lunges to cone #4………then jog back.

Rinse & Repeat x15

*Mosey to field of dreams and partner up.

P1 does suicides with 3 cones set-up in outfied.

-Bear Crawl to 1st cone and Crawl Bear back

-Lunge forward to 2nd cone and backwards Lunge back

-Sprint to 3rd cone and back pedal back

When P1 done, they go relieve P2 at concession stand who is doing the following (AMRAP):

-Box Jumps x 10

-Donkey Kicks x10

-Wall Taps x 10

*After two rounds we cut out those stinking Lunges on the suicides and Bear Crawled/Crawl Beared to first 2 cones (thanks to Mufasa and Flo’s workout Tuesday and Thursday).  The Crawl Bear part is deceivingly tough and will definitely leave some new muscle groups sore.

After a 10 count, we did two rounds of Balls to the Wall (or ass cheeks to the wall if you are YHC).This most definitely hurt the YHC’s chances of winning as he was the first to come off wall both rounds.  Round 1 went to Swiper as he held strong for at least 45 seconds.  In a surprise turn of events, Round 2 went to Def Con II as he was not going to be denied!


*We performed Cliff Hanger Merkins next x10 and then sprinted to the “imaginary Flag” and back.  Then Derkins x10 and sprinted to “imaginary Flag” and back.

After some begging for a 10 count (by DC II), we repeated the CH Merkins and Derkins x15!

We stayed on the Field of Dreams for some nice and comfortable Mary action.





-American Hammers

-6″ action


-Great message by Flo to remember our kids and to always be encouraging to them and show them the love they deserve.

-Prayers/Praise for YHC as a lot/home floor plan has been decided on and we are under contract in Lutz, FL.

-Continued prayers for Foghorn’s little one and whole family.


*Solid work today and all 5 PAX stayed close together and pushed each other the whole way.  No 20 something’s or 50 something’s showed up.  The F3 men in their 20’s just can’t handle the winter workouts I guess…….

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