The roll of the Tiger

When: 1/12/16

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Boomer, Crack, Flo, DefCon II, Nacho Libre, Cooky, Swiper.

Conditions – 19 Degrees, no wind and clear.  8 PAX posted ready to work and warm up on this our coldest morning to date and the day after the Tiger had been rolled.

Warm Up – All in Cadence

Mozy to top parking lot

  • SSH
  • Windmills
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang

  • Squarkin mile  – stopping at Intersections for alternating 10 Merkins and 20 Squats at all speed bumps and intersections. Major Intersections SSH until the Six is in.

Back at Parking Lot for Lt Dans up to 10.

  • Ratio 1:4 squat and walking lunges.

Mozy to top parking lot.

  • Burp & Merk up to 10

Back to main parking lot and flag area.


  • Flutters
  • Dollys
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • American Hammers
  • Rosalitas



  • Keeping Foghorn in prayers.
  • Praises for Flo’s Mom’s recovery
  • Prayers for PAX who are away.


  • Cooky posted 2 out 2! Tclaps for coming out in the cold – he’s a Soccer player, so we probably expect nothing less.
  • Condolences to Darth – heavy loss last night. He was remembered in the lunges.
  • Six stayed close
  • Crack wants to make sure we’re not professionals – maybe one day we will be!

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