Now that my hands have thawed

When: 01/05/2016

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Mufasa, Foghorn, Darth Visor, Ron Swanson, Defcon 2, Swiper, Law Dog

Pretty sure this was the alpharetta PAX coldest post since it’s inception. A nice 24 degrees with fortunately no wind. 10 PAX in all today.

The PAX are back from the Christmas breaks like school kids. Though our teachers in the group (Nacho and Hot Sauce) felt that ‘es muy frio’.

But, back many others were, so Kotters to Defcon 2 returns in full Cobra Command gear ready for the cold, Swiper back from the mid 80s at the coast, and Law Dog now with a Steve Avery-inspired beard.

It was great to see everyone, but the blood needs to get moving so let’s mosey.
Off into the gloom we went, and quickly we turned left, and quickly we stopped for some warmup of SSHs and merkins. Let’s mosey again to the planter beds on the east ball fields. Dips, step ups, slow dips. Finally, mosey back to the parking lot behind wacky world.

Four Corners, various distances, wait for 6.
First set through parking lot, rinse repeat 4 total times:
10 Burpees
20 Merkins (crush that apple…)
30 squats
40 Dollys, or was it rosies?

Second set through parking lot, rinse repeat 4 total times:
10 CDD
20 (NEED A NAME) Single leg bridge presses (10 EL)
30 lunges (15 EL)
40 Rosies, or was it Dollys?

Mosey back to the flag


in addition to the Kotters above…
Great to see Ron Swanson back at it on day 2. He’s already read Freed to Lead apparently! RESPECT
Mufasa looked 100% today, flying through the corners. Spaced himself greatly from the PAX on burpess. RESPECT
Typical quiet day at work for Boomer leading at the front. Just the usual.
Flo solid as always, apparently has some FNGs coming Thursday.
Foghorn’s alarm clock is working in 2016!
The Ghost of Grits is haunting Darth Visor with his air chairs. Allowed for some impressive sprints though. RESPECT

Fun coffeteria with YHC, DV, DC2.

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