The Cold Returns

When: 01/02/16

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (): Boomer, Crack, Foghorn, Hickory Stick, Mufasa, Flo, No See Um and Swanson (FNG)

Winter is back indeed as the Rubicon was waiting for us with a 32 degree morning.  The group was sad to see a no-show by Darth Visor and so he has hereby forfeited his right to trash talk Boomer!  8 of us were ready to get after it this morning and we welcomed an FNG (Ron Swanson) and hope to get him back to his Tri-Athlon/Marathon shape.
Warmup (IC):
-Imperial Walkers
-Hill Billies
-Mountain Climbers
*Merkin Mile with various style Merkins (Regular, Diamonds and Wide Arm)
*Mosey to Field of Dreams for some god-awful Moby (feel the burn).  Here’s how it went……..
-3:29 of Moby Flower with SQUATS at home plate
-Bear Crawl to 1B and then sprint to RF foul pole
-BLIMPS (5-Burpees, 10-Lunges, 15-Imperial Walkers, 20-Merkins, 25-Plank Jacks, 30-Squats)
-Back Pedal to 300 sign and then sprint to LF foul pole
-There we did 20-Monkey Humpers, 20-Flutters, 20-Freddie Mercurys, 20-Dying Cockroaches, 20-LBC
-Jog to 3B and Duck Walk to Home
-3:29 of Moby Flower with 6″ at home plate (a few groans at the Q)
-Partner up and wheelbarrow carry to 1B and switch partners and same to 2B.
-Partner Carry to 3B and switch and same to home
-Another and last 3:29 of Moby Flower with Merkins at home.  This is pretty much impossible to complete and I’d love to see the man who can (maybe Trojan……but too cold for him right now I hear).
-Indian Run for 2 laps
*Mosey to the concession stand for a Wall Sit with 15 Monkey Humpers to the tree of your choice…………or every tree if you are Mufasa (gotta leave your scent everywhere when you are the king of the jungle, eh Mufasa?).
*Back to the Flag for some Mary
-Reverse LBC
-American Hammers
Lots of talk today about joining the F3 two fiddy workout challenge (250 workouts in 2016…..@F3-250)     and the January challenge of 6500 Misogynistic Exercise (total combination of dollys/rosies).  Great work today and lets continue to make 2016 a great year.  Remembering Flo’s mom on Monday while she goes in again for her surgery.

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