The Greatest Clemson-Oklahoma Battle that Never Happened

When: 12/31/15

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Hickory Stick, Nacho Libre, Crack, Do See Do, No-See-Um, Boomer, Foghorn

A fine mist met 7 pax on NYE’s as YHC prepared for the last beatdown of 2015 (unless we’re counting the football games that night). YHC had been planning an epic Clemson-Oklahoma competition between the forces of good (OU and me) and evil (Clemson and Darth Visor). Alas, Darth Visor failed to show up, kinda like OU failed to show up after the first half. So even though Clemson got the win, YHC remains stronger, younger, faster, and better looking than the evil Darth Visor. For those who did show up, here is what happened.

Warmup: IC

  • SSH
  • Slow Cotton Pickers so Crack can get a deep stretch
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins

Mosey to the flower beds. Pax partnered up and did burpees with a derkin instead of a merkin. One partner ran to bathroom and back and flip flop until 50 durpees. Then mosey to the hill for some wheelbarrow races up the hill with 10 star jumps at top. We next moseyed to the parking lot for the circle of pain. 12 stations for 1 minute at each station.

  • ski jumps
  • curls and shoulder press with a block
  • fast step ups on curb
  • boxcutters
  • shoulder taps
  • mosey at a recovery station
  • broad jump forward/bunny hop back
  • dying cockroaches
  • blockees
  • in and outs
  • merkin/plank jack/frogger
  • plank for recovery

After a short mosey to recover, we repeated.

COT and BOM,

Great work today, and I’m looking forward to 2016. Let’s continue to strengthen each other as iron sharpens iron.

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